21st Century Conflicts

21st Century Conflicts

21st Century Conflicts:

During September and October we paid tribute to our Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans.

The Rise of the Fallen: Spirit Box exhibit by Andre Ferrella was on loan to us from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, WI.

The exhibit contains portraits that are surreal, almost spirit-like, of the Wisconsin servicemen and servicewomen who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.

The portraits are meant to represent each deceased servicer person’s soul. Using a combination of shadow and light, Andre paints a unique picture of their face, focusing in on the eyes while allowing the rest of the face to fade softly away.

The technique makes each portrait appear almost alive, as if they are peering through a thick mist.

On September 8, 2012 Andre and his wife Linda came to The Highground for the opening of the exhibit. They spent the day visiting with guests and Gold Star families, attended a Legacy Stone placement ceremony and displayed a “life size” spirit box that had a video montage that visitors viewed. Each person came away from the day with their own special feelings and visions. Thank you Andre and Linda, for creating such a beautiful and healing exhibit, and for spending the day with us here at The Highground.

For a ten day span from October 15th to the 25th while making its way across Wisconsin, Remembering Our Fallen, an exhibit that features the Gold Star Families’ favorite military and civilian photos of the Wisconsin KIA’s from Iraq and Afghanistan, was on display also. The exhibit was on loan to us from Nick Browne, member of the Madison, WI Dryhootch. It was delivered via escort from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Depart, thank you for assisting in the safe and respectful delivery of these precious photographs.

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