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A Memorial Day Message From The Highground

Memorial Day has come to represent the beginning of our summers.  As a veteran who has served in multiple conflicts and has experienced loss of brethren, I struggle with the misinterpreted meaning of this day. As some people pack up their campers and coolers for a four day vacation or plan to take advantage of the many Memorial Day sales, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and friends come together through their loss in a way that others cannot imagine, to spend their Memorial Day remembering the sacrifice their loved ones made through courage and dedication to our country. Freedom that is taken for granted every day comes with a cost, and that cost will not be forgotten.  

We remember.

I encourage everyone to take time out of their day to find a way to honor the fallen. Travel to a Veteran’s Cemetery or Memorial Park.  Read or listen to the stories of our heroes. Set aside a glass to remind others that there are many who will never make it home to raise it with you.  Take a moment of silence at 3pm to reflect on your freedoms and those who sacrificed their life for them. 

We remember.

To the families of the fallen, I encourage you to share the stories of your loved ones with others so we can educate those around us. All too often our servicemen and women are remembered during times of conflict and shortly after; it is our mission to ensure their legacy continues to be honored and NEVER forgotten.

We will always remember.





Chris Pettis
Executive Director