Anthony R Wasielewski

Seargeant First Class Tony Wasielewski the son of Eugene and Jean Jahnke Wasielewski, grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he attended South Division High School. A very creative person, he played the guitar, did oil painting and charcoal sketching. He worked as a roofer and that’s how he met his wife. After they married in 1990, they moved to Ladysmith Wisconsin and he worked at Weather Shield Manufacturing. There became an avid fisherman who enjoyed catching bass on the Flambeau River.

He was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard for many years and in 2004, he was sent to Afghanistan until May 2005. He was now eligible for retirement, but when his unit was called up for a tour of duty in Iraq, he felt they could benefit from his leadership and experience. He left in September 2006 with his unit, C Company, 397th Engineer Battalion out of Wausau Wisconsin in support of Task Force 321st.

In May of 2007, he and 3 other soldiers were severely injured by a roadside bomb. He spent several months in the hospital recovering. In August 2007 he and two other soldiers injured in the same incident held a reunion. In September 2007, he was there to welcome home the rest of his unit when they returned home to Wisconsin.

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Age: 51
Incident Location: Iraq
Branch: Army
Rank: Sgt. 1st Class
Unit: C Company, 397th Engineer Battalion, Task Force 321st
Units Base: Wausau, Wisconsin