Beseler Family Donating Unusual Tapestry Piece, Unveiling to take place April 1st 11am at The Highground Learning Center

For Immediate Release: March 29, 2019

Contact Information: Jon Weiler
Executive Director

“Beseler Family Donating Unusual Tapestry Piece, Unveiling to take place April 1st 11am at The Highground Learning Center”

With thanks to Mr. Beseler’s family, on April 1st @ 11 am, during a simple ceremony, his surviving family members will make the donation of a tapestry put together of former WWII German POW soldiers shoulder straps and patches to the The Highground Veterans Memorial Park Museum.

The Tapestry is a collection of WWII shoulder straps And patches collected from German soldiers by Donald Beseler while processing German Prisoners of War.  As part of that process, shoulder straps were taken from each German soldier to help keep track of numbers and determine each man’s involvement in the war.  Bill held onto some of the straps after the war, and decades later, Bill’s daughter made the tapestry.  “Bill” was a World War II veteran who fought with the 106th division during the Battle of the Bulge.

This is the second tapestry to be made from materials from German Prisoners of War from family relics by the Beseler family.  Bills father who served in World War I was also involved in the German Prisoners of War processing, and a similar tapestry was created and donated to the Wisconsin Veteran’s Museum in Madison WI.

Donald William Beseler recently passed away at age 95.  Bill thought very highly of The Highground Veterans Memorial Park and placed four commemorative Legacy Honor Stones there to honor not only his military service, but also that of his father and his two sons. Bill requested that this tapestry be donated to The Highground at the time of his death. 

For more information on the unveiling please contact Executive Director Jon Weiler.

The public is encouraged and requested us in joining in the celebration of this amazing donation to help us achieve our mission to Honor, Heal and Educate.