CW Chairman of the Board November 2018 Report

The 30 Year Anniversary at The Highground was a great success. The Highground staff and volunteers all worked long and hard to put together a great day for all who were involved. The parade was a first for many veterans, as evidenced by the large number who wrote The Highground expressing their thanks. The letters were heartwarming, and demonstrated once again the heartbreak caused by blaming the warriors instead of the politicians who started and then kept in it for way too long a time. Anyway, the parade was great, the attendance at The Highground was great, a great day. By the way, a constant comment was how good The Highground looked, and the new memorials there. If you haven’t been to The Highground for a while, you need to make the trip.
On a different note the Board of Directors has added several new members, and is in the process of adding several more. Ever changing, ever growing and improving. The Board is currently dealing with the addition of the Wisconsin Adventures on Wheels, the largest gift ever made to The Highground. We expect to have the details worked out next year, and will be able to expand the programming to Veterans with this very generous gift. I can’t say enough about how this will open up new ways we are able to expand our changing Veteran’s life in a positive way. The Highground continues to grow and strengthen it’s mission thanks to the hard work of its staff and volunteers and donors, and I want to express my personal and heartfelt thanks to all of you. –CW