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One Person Crying: Women and War

One Person Crying: Women and War Came to The Highground directly from France
June 1, 2014 – September 4, 2014

Marissa Roth’s One Person Crying: Women and War, is a 29-year, personal global photo essay that addresses the immediate and lingering effects of war on women. The project brought Marissa face to face with hundreds of women who endured and survived war and its ancillary experiences of loss, pain and unimaginable hardship. Marissa traveled the world photographing, interviewing and writing down their histories, noting gestures and gruesome details, in order to document how war irrevocably changed their lives. There is no blood or any guns in the images, just the record of lives lived with a never-ending post-war backdrop.

“The consequences of war for women in countries, cultures and communities that are directly affected by it have often been overlooked”. Marissa’s main hope for this project is to show that “war doesn’t discriminate how it metes out pain or suffering, that women are basically the same everywhere in how they endure war and live with its aftermath into their post-war lives”. She also hopes that “this project inspires dialog and activism, in order to bring on-the-ground psychological and social support to these war-impacted women”. (Information from aCurator Magazine, acurator.com)

Marissa was at The Highground’s Learning Center on June 7, 2014 for the official opening of the exhibition and a meet and greet session. Many came out to meet her and experience this amazing real life documentation of the “cost” of war…the “human cost”.

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