The Highground Seeks Veteran Art Submissions for “Back in the World” Exhibit

For many Veterans serving overseas, most notably during the Vietnam War, going home was referred to as getting “Back in the World.” “The World” was a place of normalcy, family, everyday acceptable and calm conditions—a place to forget the nightmare of combat. However, the reality of getting back in the World did not meet with these expectations for a great many Veterans. The war hitched a ride back home with them in the form of nightmares, post-traumatic stress, ruined relationships, survivor’s guilt and some destructive behaviors. For these Veterans, getting back in the World was the beginning of a new struggle.

Vietnam War U.S. helmet with months marked off until getting back in the world.

Veterans of decades past and present day have similar journeys of recovery, learning to live in a way that does not forget the past and those buddies who they may have lost as they develop a new life of hope and strength. For many Veterans, spending time writing poetry, putting stories on paper, painting, playing music and involving themselves in other creative arts has helped them to honor the past, remain in the present and bring a stronger, more focused, and well-rounded “self.”

The Highground Museum is creating an exhibition titled “Back in the World” of Veterans expressive art—poetry, writing, music, traditional art formats and more—focusing on the aftermath of coming home after service and/or their thoughts on their military service. 

The Highground is now accepting submissions of the art listed above by Veterans of any era for inclusion in this exhibit which will be on display September 14, 2024-January 2025. 

For more information or to sponsor this exhibition, please email Theresa at museum@thehighground.org or call 715-743-4224. 

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