The Nurse

Dedicated to the Women who Served in Vietnam, The Women’s Tribute.

The Highground is one of the first memorials in the United States to pay specific tribute to women veterans. The first occasion was in 1988 when The Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the point of the plaza included a woman in the statuary. The second came in 1992 when The Women’s Memorial was dedicated.

Roger Brodin originally submitted “The Nurse” to be placed in the competition for Women’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. Had she been chosen, the 36″ model, which now stands on a piece of granite with such strength and beauty in front of the Flag Pole at The Highground, would have been a life-size version. When a different design was chosen, the Wisconsin Chapters of the Vietnam Veterans of America purchased this statue for The Highground, where she pays tribute to all women who have served our nation.

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