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The Highground
W7031 Ridge Rd
Neillsville, WI 54456
Phone: 715-743-4224

Hours of Operation
Park Open 24/7/365
Gift Shop & Learning Center
Winter Hours 10-4
Summer Hours 9-5


Jon Weiler • Executive Director •


Theresa Hebert • Events, Volunteer, Tour Coordinator •

Theresa has been Volunteer & Event Coordinator at the Highground since 2012. She grew up in the Central WI area and returned after living in Washington State and Colorado. Not a veteran,, she found a “home” at the Highground for other personal reasons and is committed to keeping and expanding the mission of “Honor, Heal & Educate” in all Highground Events & Ceremonies.


Kay Anason • Honor Stones & Donations •

Kay was hired as the Donation Coordinator in May, 2009.  She coordinates donation funds, items, and grant work for The Highground (excluding event sponsors). With a background in business, The Highground has allowed her to use many aspects of her former experiences. Kay is not a veteran but has profound respect for our service personnel because she knows “The veteran doesn’t fight because he hates what is in front of him; he fights because he loves what he left behind”.  She also has learned from Highground visitors what the cost are for veterans and their families–the human cost. “If I can help one family, one veteran heal in some fashion, it will be a small token for what they have given me.”–Kay Anason

Sabrina Weiler • Store Manager •


Julie Dahlman • Learning Center Coordinator •

Julie Started in the timber-frame gift-shop in July 2014. When the opportunity came up in 2017 to become the coordinator of the learning center, it seemed to be a good fit, supporting the execution displays and the museum for the enjoyment of our visitors. Julie also coordinates other activities in the the learning center, archives incoming materials to the learning center, and will be coordinating the information center within the learning center.

Ike Rebout • Digital Media & IT Coordinator •

Ike came to The Highground in 2016 as a volunteer, and was added to the staff part-time in 2018.  His responsibilities include the digital marketing as well as supporting the software technologies currently at use including CRM, donation, and store platforms as upgrades are made.  He is married to Jessica, a Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, who served the U.S. Navy on The Kitty Hawk.  Ike has one son Jacob, who at times can be seen carrying camera gear for his father. Ike has been active in supporting and helping veterans with PTSD over the last decade and has helped many other veteran organizations dealing with homelessness and community and currently works full time as a contractor at Fort McCoy in the 88 Regional Division Headquarters.


June Abrahamson • Exhibits Coordinator •


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