Museum Coordinator
Theresa Hebert

Exhibits Coordinator
June Abrahamson

Traveling Displays

Available for loan to come to YOUR venue are traveling displays from The Highground. My War: Wartime Photographs by Vietnam Veterans Remembering our Fallen and Tribute to the Fallen can be obtained to be on display in your hometown regardless of where around the world you are located. We would love to help you educate and heal your visitors..

Upcoming Events at The Learning Center

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An Educational Center was part of the original vision for The Highground. The center would educate its visitors about the cost of war”the human cost. With the Parks neighbors deciding to sell, The Highground needing to expand to accommodate more visitors, and unexpected grants becoming available—The Learning Center became a reality.

Today, The Learning Center encompasses a library filled with over 4,000 books covering military history. Its garage is a place for our volunteers to get their lunches during work weeks and the gallery, media room and meeting room holds many of the changing exhibits. The Museum Coordinator, is responsible for the daily operations, donations of artifacts & library materials, and set up & removal of exhibits. Incoming Exhibits are researched, evaluated & booked by our Exhibit Coordinator.

We are always looking for more displays, let us know if you have something or would like to see something in the Center for viewing.

Learning Center News and Articles

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