Honor Stones

Honor stones are one of the many ways to honor someone at The Highground. There are applications and other information for each of the honor stone types on the pages below. Please remember that all donations to The Highground are tax-deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. Please click on one of the blocks below to find out more information about that specific type of stone.

Below the honor stone application area is an alphabetical list of all stones placed at the Park through 2023. It includes the name and location of each stone. Earlier stone recordings were done using only the first line. Note, we are in the process of updating that to include names that are on the other lines too. The list is long—thanks for all the support!


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Legacy Honor Stones

Legacy Stones are solid granite stones inscribed with the names of persons who we wish to recognize and honor with a profound and lasting tribute.

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Korean Honor Stones

Korean Tribute Stones stand apart with black polished black granite stone that are placed vertically.

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Persian Gulf Stones

Persian Gulf Tribute stones are located on the Persian Gulf Tribute and are sand colored stones for individuals involved in supporting US troops.

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Military Working Dog Stones

Military Working Dog Stones or One Liners on the Tribute are available. Click for more information

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UIS Stones

UIS Stones are for Wisconsin Service Organizations and are located near ``Fragments``

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Meditation Honor Stones

meditation Stones are solid red granite stones inscribed, and placed in the floor of the Meditation Garden Picnic Shelter to honor with a profound and lasting tribute.

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Stone Ceremony Dates

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