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Everything starts
with an idea.

Please read through our Mini Case Summary of the currently identified
Project Scope

Hello, and welcome to The Highground Capital Campaign Home Page.  We hope that you find this page useful and helping us communicate with you on how we can better support the mission moving forward and to garner important feedback from you on helping us define our future goals.  As you know The Highground faces many challenges and moving into the next 50 years we need to look at ways to be more sustainable for our growth and find ways to better serve our veterans and our community.  We ask that you take a few moments and share with us your thoughts on how we can improve, and what you feel is the most valuable parts of The Highground.
Currently, we are looking at two designs and would like your feedback and thoughts to better plan on how we can move ahead in the future. Please take a look at our mini case summary, as well as the submissions that were provided that the board feels are a good starting place for discussions. It will be with your input and guidance that we will make the decisions on where we go moving into the next phases of our growth.
Very Respectfully
The Highground Board of Directors, Staff, Donors, and Volunteers

The Highground Veterans Memorial Park, Neillsville, Wisconsin, is planning a major transformation of its 160-acre, 35-year-old campus in order to accommodate doubling its 225,000 annual visitors with a proposed $7.5M construction project and capital campaign. The expansion is necessary to:

  • Accommodate the huge increase in growth of providing services for veterans,
  • Help heal several generations of returning soldiers and families,
  • Educate U.S. citizens regarding the sacrifice and service of military service men and women, and
  • Honor our country’s fallen heroes.

Please take a moment to read our Mini Case Summary below to learn more about our current objectives.

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