Nov 23 2019 - Feb 17 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The Highground Holiday Lights 2019

The Highground is proud to announce The Highground Holiday Lights from November 23rd to February 17th.  The Highground Holiday Lights will be a group of “Honor Stars” that will be lit on the plaza and if needed, expanded to other areas of the park. The stars are lit with 25 LED lights that are integrated into the star.  An 8”x9” placard is placed on the star so that a loved one can be honored on the star. The stars are $125 a year to sponsor the memorial per year.

The Highground Holiday lights are an effort to produce a beautiful and unique experience at The Highground during the winter months and to provide another opportunity to honor and memorialize during the holiday season.  The park is a very beautiful place during the winter months, however, because of the snow people expect that most items are not accessible and therefore wait to make the journey until the weather is a bit better. This year, however, there will be something new and unique; we will be lighting stars on the Plaza and will have the option for sponsorship of the trees.

Sponsorships and Donations are available if you are interested in lighting the trees and bushes throughout the park.  Each location will have a sign signifying your contribution. If you are interested in helping to light the trees along the entrance on Hwy 10 a donation of $1000 is needed to purchase the lights.  If you would like to light one of the trees on the plaza, a donation of $2,000 is needed to purchase the lights. To light, the bushes in a segment of the park a donation of $500 is needed to purchase the lights. All lights are commercial grade LED lighting. 

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