Korean Reunion / Education Night

Korean Reunion / Education Night:

Korean War
Reunion/Education Night
At The Highground
July 27, 2012

14 people, from around Wisconsin and Minnesota, joined together at The Highground’s Learning Center, for our Korean War Reunion/Education Night. Six Korean War Veterans, George Michel, Gary Corey, Adolph Kraus, Allen Konrath, Ken Weis & Anthony Eilers; each told about their experiences while serving overseas in Korea. They all shared many of the same memories and experiences, like; the near misses, the loss of close friends, frostbite and the ships full of seasick soldiers. There was a lot of “rocking, rolling, slipping and sliding”, to put it into pleasant terms. There was also a lot of pride in the job they had managed to complete, despite the rushed assembly and training of the soldiers and the small number of US soldiers (302,000) compared to the Chinese forces (1,350,000). They look back now and see the life-long positive effect their service made for the South Korean people. You most defiantly should be proud of yourselves, as should all US Citizens. Everyone in attendance was already making plans for next year’s Reunion/Education Night get together.