Persian Gulf Tribute

May this tribute honor all branches of America’s Military who served through multiple conflicts in the Greater Middle East while marching forward in the Global War on Terrorism be a place of hope so that we do not walk past you but with you. Let this site be an anchor for education and solace while securing in memory sacrifices made. With hope and prayer, the Wisconsin Persian Gulf Tribute will provide a safe haven for all to reflect and to heal

The Persian Gulf Tribute strives to achieve the goal of the Mission Statement for the design of the Tribute by remembering fallen soldiers in multiple Middle East conflicts through the symbolism of a bootprint.  The reason for this shape and symbolism are numerous:

  • The impression of the bootprint symbolically recalls the impression these men and women have had in our world.
  • The bootprint is a metaphor for marching forward in the Global War on Terrorism
  • The bootprint is a metaphor for walking with you and not past you as stated in the Mission Statement for the Tribute design.
  • The bootprint is divided into two symbolizing the sorrow felt by the loss of each of these loved ones.
  • The two-piece boot design allows for this Tribute to straddle existing trails and act as a gateway or ‘anchor’ for a section of the trail system or future Tributes.
  • The bootprint recalls the variety of impressions left in the sand, of the desert-like conditions of the Middle East conflicts.
  • The bootprint allows the Tribute to be located at a lower elevation so that those arriving to The Highground, can view the Persian Gulf Tribute from above.