Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell Education Foundation was founded in 1976 by a group of businessmen from Minnesota. Their goal was to bring to the citizens of the Nation the true, inspiring story of the founding of our Republic, and the principals of personal freedom upon which this founding was achieved. An exact replica of the original Liberty Bell was cast in France. Mounted on a trailer, the Liberty Bell was taken to thousands of schools throughout the United States, allowing over a million children in 36 states a first hand opportunity to learn about freedom

   When the tour director died, the Liberty Bell Education Foundation ceased giving public presentations. After considering a number of options, the Foundation decided that the best place for the Liberty Bell to continue its patriotic mission was at The Highground.

   The Liberty Bell is housed in an authentic timberframe building made in May of 2002 by Master Timberframer Lyle Lindholm and volunteers.

(Stay Tuned Audio of this Tribute Coming Soon)