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Highground Challenge Coin Program

The Coins

Every new member will receive the initial Welcome Coin.   Each coin is numbered and includes The Highground emblem, as well as a “welcome”.  Moving forward, we will have coins for different Tributes, as well as, images from historic pieces that we have at the Learning Center, Museum, or our personal archive.  Once the coins are minted that coin will never be run again.  Coins can be donated back to The Highground to be up for sale on auction with proceeds going back to The Highground, however, these coins will never be sold in the store itself.

How we decide when we will run the next mint

Each year a staff member will be selected to pick the days throughout the year.  They will also be given direction on how many coins they will issue throughout the year.  The staff member will then randomly tell the Executive Director when they have run the list of active pledgees, and how many coins we must order throughout the year. It is important to note that we will randomly select a day and pull the list of all CURRENT Pledgees.  The number of people that are currently on active status will be the number of coins that we order that day.  So it is important that you remain active in your pledging!   If you are not active on the day that we select you will not receive the next coin in the series.  Days will be selected randomly throughout the year, the more pledgees we get, the more coins we will mint, so it’s important to get your friends signed up, hence the challenge!  We will at no time give the indication of the dates, or the dates that will be selected as it’s important for the program that your membership remains active.