We Were There Vietnam

We Were There Vietnam: Gathering the Personal Stories of the Vietnam War
The Highground continues to make progress on the “We Were There: The Vietnam War” exhibition project. We are documenting the personal stories of those whose lives were affected by the Vietnam War—those who served in-country, those who served elsewhere and the families and friends who were waiting back home.
This extensive exhibition will consist of several types of media, making it easily available for the public to view and, importantly, keeping the exhibition stories & photographs carefully preserved and easily updated as formats change. This plan allows for additional information to be added to the exhibition whenever necessary.


If you are a Vietnam Veteran (in-country or not in-country) or if you had family or friends who served and would like to contribute stories, photographs, film, etc. to this incredibly important exhibition, please email Theresa Hebert at museum@thehighground.org or call 715-743-4224.

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A project of this scope needs the financial help of those who believe in keeping the stories documented, preserved and available via current digital formats. Many opportunities are available for individuals and businesses that would like to become a sponsor. For more information or to sponsor the project, please email Theresa at museum@thehighground.org or call 715-743-4224

Sponsors of the We Were There: Vietnam War Project include VFW 9202 – Germantown, WI, Gary Koenig, Dennis and Jessie Meister, Diane Becker, and Michael & Marcia Voorhees.