UIS Stones

Veterans come to The Highground alone or with their families and friends. They laugh, cry, and sometimes curse. They stand on the point and take long, slow breaths, allowing the door on their pain to open just a little bit. They leave some of the bitterness behind and take with them a small seed of hope.

This tribute is meant to remind all of us how important our communities and families are when our veterans come home. We are all united because the human cost of war is shared by everyone.

These stones are placed around the map. The stones are 12” by 12” by 2”, cut from granite, and allow for three (3) engraved lines of twenty (20) spaces each. Wording is chosen by the organization that best describes their involvement with their veterans.

Donation for a UIS stone is $1000. Donation includes engraving, ceremony, Registry Book submission, and future maintenance.

June 2020
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Examples of Wording on UIS Stones