Legacy Honor Stones

Legacy Stones are solid granite stones inscribed with the names of persons whom we wish to recognize and honor with a profound and lasting tribute. Legacy Stone purchasers also submit information to the Registry Books which are maintained at The Highground Museum Library. These books hold individual histories about each of those for whom the stones have been placed. Those histories contain photos, letters, stories, news-clippings, poems, and/or thoughts by or about the honoree. It is the Stone, combined with the pages of The Registry, which create the true legacy.

You can purchase a Legacy Stone for a tax deductible donation of $495 for a 12″x 12″ x 2

Examples of Legacy Stones

Relections of Legacy Stone Placements

“This was the best birthday present I’ve ever received.”

“We’re so glad to be able to pay this tribute to our parents while they’re alive.”

“Twenty people in our family pooled together to buy this stone.”

“He made us promise that if anything ever happened to him, we’d get him a legacy stone.”

“The Placement and Dedication Ceremony was such a powerful and beautiful experience.”

“I don’t have to take my children and grandchildren to a tombstone to see where their roots are.”

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