Meditation Honor Stones

Meditation Honor Stones

Meditation Stones are solid red granite stones inscribed with the names of persons whom we wish to recognize and honor with a profound and lasting tribute. Meditation Stones are placed in the floor of the Meditation Garden picnic shelter and are limited in number. Meditation stone purchasers also submit information to the Registry books maintained in the Learning Center Library. These books hold individual histories about each of this for whom the stones have been placed. Those histories contain photos, letters, stories, news clippings, poems, and/or thoughts by or about the honoree. It is the Stone, combined with the pages of The Registry, which create the true legacy.

Meditation stones are available for a tax deductible donation of $500.

To Purchase a for a Meditation Honor Stone please click on the Donate button on the left. All purchases of Stones are Tax-Deductible.
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