Military Working Dog Tribute

Many lives were touched or saved by the work of dogs and dog handlers during conflicts. Whether it’s the work of a scout, sentry or tracker dog —the efforts of these animals and their trainers had a profound impact on our military.

The dream of this tribute originated with the story of a young Vietnam Veteran. He was a Scout Dog Handler, married just prior to his service and killed in action just 90 days into his tour of duty. This tribute will honor this dog and handler and all other Military Working Dogs who have served in our armed forces.

This tribute to the team’s military dog and handler began its roots in the spring of 2010, after The Highground Board of Directors selected this as a priority project. With the leadership of Kirk Rodman, the Volunteer General Manager at that time, a committee of Vietnam Veterans, including dog handlers, began a search for a unique design for a life-sized bronze sculpture of a Vietnam Era courageous handler and dog. After a nationwide search for a designer and sculptor, Michael Martino from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, was selected.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 20, 2017. The dedication for the tribute was held in the summer of 2018, drawing a large crowd of military dog handler Veterans from across the country.

The Mission: Memorial to all working military dogs (scout, sentry and tracker) and their handlers for their sacrifice and service in protecting the liberties of the United States of America.

The Goal: Our goal being to honor all Military personnel and their dogs who have served in Vietnam and other conflicts past, present, and continuing. We hope this will provide a place of healing for those affected by these wars, and educate the public regarding the effects of war on everyone.