Adrian V Soltau

Adrian V. Soltau more than looked up to his older brother Andre. If Andre brought home an A on his report card, Adrian worked for two. When Andre made the honor roll, Adrian studied to get there too. Both played on the football team. The older brother took the sibling competition in stride, but Andre initially objected when Adrian announced that he planned to follow his path into the Marines. “I was telling him, ”Make sure this is what you want to do,”, Andre Soltau said. ”I know you follow me into everything else, but this one is a bit different.” Initially I was disagreeing with him, but he”s hardheaded and he did it”. Soltau, 21, of Milwaukee, died Sept. 13 from injuries caused by an explosion in Anbar province. He was based at Camp Pendleton. Moving to the United States from Jamaica at 10, Adrian dreamed of becoming an engineer. He joined the Marines in August 2001 after graduating high school. He also is survived by his father and mother, Andrew and Desiree Soltau. “It”s a great chunk of our lives that”s been taken away from us, but we still have him in our hearts”, Andrew Soltau said.

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Age: 21
Incident Location: Anbar province, Iraq
Branch: Marines
Rank: Cpl.
Unit: 3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion, 1st Marine Division
Units Base: Camp Pendleton, California