The Highground Rising: The Journey to Building a Strong Future

The Highground Staff and Board of Directors are excited to announce the latest update regarding the organization’s mission to create a lasting legacy for The Highground and those who hold it close. 

The $4 million capital campaign has been a testament to the unwavering support and dedication of the Veteran community and advocates, and The Highground is thrilled to share the progress that has been made so far. 

Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors and supporters, $1.69 million has been raised through the capital campaign. This achievement reflects the shared belief in The Highground’s mission and the impact it has on the Veteran community. Each contribution, no matter the size, has brought that vision closer to reality. In the course of the journey, unavoidable challenges were encountered which required The Highground to adapt and innovate. The ever-changing landscape of resources and inflation has led to adjustments in the original building plans. The rising costs of construction materials and resources prompted the organization to reevaluate their approach, ensuring they remain fiscally responsible while maintaining the integrity of the campaign project. Despite these challenges, The Highground is fully committed to the goal of creating a space that will stand as a beacon of hope and remembrance.

Marawood Construction delivers equipment to The Highground in December 2023.

That significant milestone has arrived as the Highground broke ground on the new building in early December, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the organization’s history. This momentous event symbolizes the collective determination and perseverance, as well as the commitment to creating a space that honors the entity’s past, educates its present and inspires its future.

With the new building, The Highground is expanding their capacity to serve the Veteran community and fulfill their mission. The possibilities the new space will offer are truly exciting. This facility will allow The Highground to host a variety of support groups and wellness workshops, cultivating healing and resilience, to foster a supportive environment where Veterans and their families can share experiences and find solace. The additional room will provide a venue for guest speakers and documentary screenings, allowing attendees to engage with thought-provoking discussions and events that inspire dialogue and understanding. The Highground has always been a place of connection. This expansion will provide a central gathering space for Veterans reunions, allowing old comrades to reunite and share stories. The expanded Museum space will house a comprehensive collection of artifacts, documents and exhibits that honor the sacrifices and contributions of Veterans throughout history. Renovations to the current building will add a counseling room, Chapel and office spaces, enhancing the organization’s ability to manage operations and continue serving visitors effectively.

This creation isn’t just about the structure itself; it’s about the potential it unlocks. The new facility will free up another building on the Park grounds which will create the opportunity for even greater expansion of programs and services. This space offers a canvas on which The Highground can paint a myriad of opportunities for growth and engagement. New educational programs that inspire learning and understanding and enrich the lives of all who visit can be introduced.

As work on the new building continues, The Highground emphasizes that continued support will be invaluable to the organization, its mission and those they serve. The Highground Rising capital campaign is an ongoing effort, and The Highground invites everyone who supports the organization to consider contributing to this important cause. Whether through financial contributions, donations of time and expertise, or by simply sharing the mission with others, continued and expanded involvement is needed to bring the vision to life.

A rendering of the Museum expansion from the south side.

Those who are interested in The Highground’s expansion effort are encouraged to stay tuned for additional updates as the organization continues to share their journey toward creating a stronger and more vibrant future for the Park. Together, a legacy will be forged that will resonate for generations to come. Will you join the mission?

For more information about the building expansion, to volunteer or make a gift, contact Executive Director Chris Pettis at director@thehighground.us. Campaign information and materials are available on the campaign website at campaign.thehighground.us.

The Highground is located at W7031 Ridge Rd, Neillsville WI 54456. thehighground.us.