The Season of Giving is the Season of Planning at The Highground

As The Season of Giving draws near for all of us, The Highground’s Board of Directors and Staff are planning the park’s improvements. The Plan will depend on those willing to participate in the Season of Giving. Will you commit to contributing $20, $40, or $60 to help fund the park improvements that are being scheduled for the 2020 season? Nine projects have been identified. By building our funds now, we can get all of the materials lined up, and schedule when the installations can begin. The past couple of years, we have been caught behind due to the funds not readily available when we could schedule contractors; then when funds were available, Mother Nature did not cooperate in letting the schedules begin and we found contractors unavailable to start as they had scheduled other projects. This year’s Season of Giving will give us a jumpstart and we’ll be the first to schedule contractors.
Improvements being scheduled for 2020 include:

  • The Meditation Garden pathways– making this area ADA accessible
  • Persian Gulf Tribute– fixing some major support structure issues
  • Plaza– irrigation system repairs
  • Korean Tribute– a new water filtration system
  • Gold Star Tribute– improvements that include a support structure and irrigation
  • Timberframe– ADA fixes
  • Park– a new sound system that will withstand the winds and weather
  • Plaza Display Board—rebuilding
  • Improved Signage– for the Administration, Timberframe Gift Shop and Museum Buildings

Our ability to fund these projects will be based on your continued support and contribution. Together there are close to $250,000 worth of items that should be completed next year, but it will take a concerted effort from our generous supporters to make it happen. Funds from The Season of Giving campaign will be used to for these repairs and improvements at the Park. By raising the funds during this Season, we can plan the projects appropriately and provide the lead time to get the best estimates for the pricing of materials and provide enough time to get the right volunteers/contractors lined up to complete these projects.

The Highground is a place of healing for Veterans and their families. It is important that we carry on this mission and continue to improve your park to make sure that we maintain it as a premier Veterans Memorial Park. This newsletter now goes out to over 17,000 households, if each household pledges $40 we can complete all of these improvements and truly keep The Highground the Premier Manned Veterans Memorial Park! Please make a small donation of $20, $40, or $60 today and we can continue keeping it a free park, a place of healing for all, a place of educating for all, and a place of honoring all. Please during this Season pledge to contribute today to help keep The Highground mission to Honor, Educate, and Heal alive and well.

Donation Coordinator’s Note: I had a mentor that once asked a group of donors to give another 10% of their normal giving to help reach the goal. If your donation is $10, throw in another $1; if it’s $100, throw in another $10; if it’s $1000, add 10% making it $1100, etc. That extra 10% was amazing to watch the finances grow and goals (projects) come to fruition. Can you, will you, help? If you have already donated—add 10% to it during The Season of Giving. Thank you in advance for your help! –Kay