Schools and Home-schooled Families are Invited to Tour The Highground for Education Days October 3-6

Supporter Skip Klabon gives a presentation to students at the Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans Tribute “Fragments” during Education Days in 2022.

The Highground invites schools and home-schooled families to take part in the annual Education Days event coming up October 3–6. The Highground will offer two different programs to enhance the organization’s educational mission. Two days will be dedicated to the traditional “5th Grade Tour of The Highground” and two days of programs will be available for students in middle school and high school.

October 3 and 4 will be the traditional “5th Grade Days”. Students will receive a guided tour of The Highground with added presentations on different cultures, important moments in history and a Flag Retirement Ceremony. This fifth grade event will be a half-day presentation. Schools need to pick the day and either the morning (9:30am–12:15pm) or afternoon (11:30am–2:15pm) session. A lunch break is not scheduled within these sessions; however, schools are welcome to bring a sack lunch to eat before or after their session and use our picnic tables. Students are invited to bring a ziploc bag of soil from their home, school or other special place to add to the Earthen Dove Effigy Mound.

The programs on October 5 and 6 will be geared towards a 9–12 grade level of understanding and maturity. These days will feature more in-depth programs that offer insight into the U.S. military experience in WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Global War on Terror with accompanying presentations on the other nations/cultures involved in these wars. This will not include a tour of the entire park and it will not be a repeat of what these students may have received if they attended a previous Education Days event. Schools need to pick which day to attend. Both days will run a full day from 9:30a –2:00pm. A lunch break is included from 11:30am–noon. The Highground will work with schools that need to arrive later or leave before these scheduled times.

Teachers are welcome to contact Theresa at The Highground with questions if they would like to coordinate a lesson plan for either event. The exhibit that will be in The Highground Museum in October will be “Wisconsin Remembers – A Face for Every Name”, a photographic display honoring the Wisconsin men who did not return from the Vietnam War.

This unique educational event is sponsored by John & Donna Koutre and Virginia Stubblefield.

For more information on The Highground Education Days, please contact Theresa by email to museum@thehighground.us or call 715-743-4224.

The Highground is located at W7031 Ridge Rd, Neillsville WI 54456. thehighground.us.