The Highground Invites Visitors to Donate to Drive for Dogs of Homeless Veterans

The Highground Veterans Memorial Park is welcoming visitors to visit the three current exhibits at The Highground Museum and donate items for homeless veterans with canine companions.  “Vietnam Experience”, an exhibit consisting of hundreds of items from the Vietnam War plus  information about the war is on display until July 5th.

“Remembering Our Fallen from Wisconsin” a memorial dedicated to the Wisconsin men and women who have lost their lives while serving since Sept. 11, 2001 is on display until August 1st. “Remembering Our Fallen” is available for loan  to facilities that would like to host it.

New on display is an exhibit about military mascots. Tour the “Fur, Feathers, & Fidelity” traveling exhibit on loan from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum along with a collection of many other items and information on the animals that served and supported our military personnel.  Visitors will enjoy learning about the history of our furred and feathered “comrades in arms” and have fun with some interactive activities including a scavenger hunt. The military mascot exhibit will be on display in the Museum lower level until August 1st.

DONATION DRIVE: In coordination with the military mascot exhibit, The Highground is holding a donation drive to collect dog food, dog treats and new dog toys to distribute to homeless Veterans with canine companions.  The relationship that homeless Veterans have with their beloved dogs brings an untold amount of healing and companionship to their lives. This is a chance for you to help ease the burden of caring for their best friends. The collection site is located in the Museum Lower Level.

The Highground Museum is  open daily from 10am–5pm. All exhibits and activities are accessible and appropriate for all ages. For more information about the Museum, including inquiries on booking “Remembering Our Fallen from Wisconsin”, or the donation drive, contact Theresa at 715-743-4224 or by email to museum@thehighground.us.